Hotrod's Auctioneering is owned and operated by  Joe Pritchett. I am second generation auctioneer and auction owner from Florida's east coast. I graduated from Florida Auctioneer Academy  in 2002 and  have been on the block auctioneering in the auction business ever since. I have auctioneered at hundreds of automobile auctions ,charity fund raising auctions, jewelry auctions furniture auctions, as well as police,city, county  and government seized property Auctions (GSA).      When picking a auctioneer for your sale or event consider all the time effort and planning that goes in to that short moment to shine.This is where the years of auctioneering  experience, master of events talents  and natural entertainment ability really come into play and will work for you! Keeping all of the attendees excitement level high while engaging the crowd ensures  maximum auction participation. This perfect formula keeps your event the fun and entertaining  but most importantly of all, this is when you really get to see the magic of an auction at work . 

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Originally from the coastal  town of Melbourne, Fl. I grew up in a family deeply rooted in the auction industry. This helps explain why my passion in the auction industry reaches from  Non profit events and charity fund raising event auctioneering all the  way to high volume, fast pace, high priced luxury item auctions.    Since no two events are exactly the same, I believe that different auctioneering techniques and dynamics are tools that should be recognized and applied differently to each sale situation. Having the advantage of growing up  in the industry with some of the best auctioneers in his region. this gave me the drive to evolutionize some of the sounds in industry. HR has really given the effort to bring something new age and exciting to the table. Be ready for a fast pace,fun, profitable auction selling experience you will never forget!  




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